Sightseeing Day Tours from Reykjavik



                       Landmannalaugar - Summer Sightseeing Day Tour from Reykjavik     Landmannalaugar - Winter Sightseeing Day Tour from Reykjavik

The quintessential Iceland, all in one day! This super-jeep journey first takes you to Iceland's most notorious active volcano, Hekla, once believed in medieval Europe to be the entrance to Hell. With over 20 recorded eruptions since Iceland's settlement, the most recent being in the year 2000, the surrounding landscape is a collage of snapshots in geological time. After exploring the most recent of Hekla's lava flows, take a turn into the highlands, venturing through cratered landscapes and hidden waterfalls, crossing rivers, and digging deeper into the martian landscapes of Landmannalaugar. Here, the famous highland hot springs await, so be sure to bring a bathing suit and towel!



                        Northern Lights - Winter Sightseeing Day Tour from Reykjavik     Northern Lights - Winter Sightseeing Day Tour from Reykjavik

Those who have experienced the night sky come alive with the graceful dance of the Aurora Borealis ("northern lights") would agree that it is mystical and mesmerizing far beyond words. Even today, these wonders of the northern sky continue to evade the full grasp of science, maintaining their unpredictable, fleeting, and magical nature. Situated almost exactly on the arctic circle with long and dark winter nights, Iceland is one of the world's great northern lights 'hotspots'. From the comforts of a rugged super-jeep in the company of a small group and expert guide, escape the reach of tour busses and artificial lights, and get into the hunt!



                        South Coast - Summer Sightseeing Day Tour from Reykjavik     South Coast - Winter Sightseeing Day Tour from Reykjavik

A classic Iceland super-jeep sightseeing adventure! In the company of an expert driver/guide, this ride takes you on a journey to see the most treasured sights of Iceland's south coast. Get up close and personal with towering waterfalls, lush mountains, and all of the south's must-see sights. Then escape the beaten path and sink your wheels into vast open stretches of deserted black lava sand beaches as you roar along the wild southern coast. Available year-round, this tour also comes with the option to step out of the jeep and get adventurous with some GLACIER HIKING!



                         Thorsmork - Sightseeing Day Tour from Reykjavik     Thorsmork - Sightseeing Day Tour from Reykjavik

Enter the "Kingdom of the Thunder God"! For centuries, the ferocious wilderness surrounding the hidden valley of Thorsmork kept it inaccessible to all but the most determined adventurers. Today, rugged off-road super-jeeps provide the only means of ground access to this natural fortress of towering glaciers, mountains, and volcanoes. This journey begins with a scenic drive along Iceland's south coast with a stop at the 65m Seljalandsfoss waterfall. As you leave the pavement behind, fording several unbridged rivers, the landscape becomes increasingly more imposing until you reach heart of the valley. From here, an easy hike up to a mountain viewpoint rewards you with some of the most powerful panoramas you'll ever see! 



                         Glaciers, Volcanoes & Waterfalls - Sightseeing Day Tour from Reykjavik      Glaciers, Volcanoes & Waterfalls - Sightseeing Day Tour from Reykjavik

A great value, all-encompassing tour of Iceland's south coast highlights: monstrous waterfalls, active volcanoes, looming glaciers, and black lava sand beaches. Take a spin through quaint fishing and farming villages in a land rich in Viking history as you explore the rugged and weather-beaten south coast of Iceland. Enjoy stunning views of two of the country's most famous active volcanoes, and get up close and personal with some of the south's most impressive waterfalls as you hike around and behind these 60m towers. Stroll leisurely among impressive basalt columns along volcanic beaches, then strap on a pair of crampons and explore the ancient ice of vast glaciers!   



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